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Top 10 most ridiculous Fast Food Menu Items
To attract customers, the fast food industry at times adds exotic, strange or decadent items to their menus. Many of these food offerings seem downright ludicrous, although I guess that is part of the point. Here is our list of the top 10 most astonishing fast food menu items ever offered.

1. Bacon Milkshake - You heard it right, Jack in the Box restaurants offered a bacon shake on it's menu for a limited time. Greasy, decadent and to some downright disgusting. While others claimed it was the best invention since sliced bread.

2. Double Down - This one really seemed downright ridiculous. KFC offered a sandwich without bread, instead they opted for 2 fried chicken patties. A fried chicken patty on top and another on the bottom replaces the traditional bread slices. Jam some cheese and bacon in the middle and you got it man.

3. Lobster and Caviar Burger - Burger King launched this one only for Japanese customers. It cost around $16 USD when it debuted. This has to be the most ritzy fast food burger in the world.

4. Hot dog stuffed crust pizza - Pizza Hut started offering hot dog stuffed pizza crust in certain countries like Australia, Canada and the UK. As if there weren't enough calories in this thing already. I guess if you can't decide between hot dogs and pizza, now you can have them both.

5. Gay Pride, Proud Whopper - Burger King offered a gay pride hamburger, called the "Proud Whopper" for a limited time. Does homosexuality and burgers go hand in hand? The Proud Whopper was wrapped in rainbow colored paper which read "We are all the same inside" .